The EBT Training Course

​The Equine Bowen Therapy training course has been developed with the help of several equine experts.

The guidance and support of a British Horse Society Instructor and examiner, and a British veterinary surgeon who is also a Bowen therapist, acupuncturist, homoeopath and herbalist, has helped make this course so reputable.

     The course has holistic view point, taking other related topics such as saddle fitting, farriery, anatomy, physiology, static and dynamic conformation, equine dentistry, nutrition and behaviour into consideration.

     There are written assignments to complete throughout the period of the course as well as case studies and practical workshop days. Course places are kept small to ensure plenty of personal supervision.

     Students will learn in-depth about the science behind Bowen Therapy and it’s effect on the body physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

     The aim of the course is to produce professional, knowledgeable practitioners who are able to work along side vets and other equine professionals with credibility and respect.

Already in the health field, but considering a career shift, I was looking for a course that allowed me to indulge my passion for horses but was sufficiently comprehensive in study requirements. I wanted to be accountable for providing a level of service to horses and their owners that I didn't feel a weekend course could offer me. Equine Bowen Therapy ticked all the boxes. Workshop attendance, assignments and case studies paced throughout the year ensured a good foundation of knowledge- not only in the Bowen technique but in horsemanship, anatomy, physiology and horse health (to name a few!). This afforded me a holistic 'know-how'. Completing the human Bowen therapy training concurrently further assisted in ensuring a good foundation knowledge.. The instructor at the time, Shirley, was excellent at answering all our questions and supporting us with our study. Cath's extensive equine knowledge and experience is amazing and we are lucky to have such a skilled person to continue on from Shirley. The course does require commitment, but you are rewarded at the end with the knowledge that you are competent in providing a therapy that works. I don't feel like this is work, it is too much fun!

- Paula Doherty (2013 EBT NZ student), April 2013

Students Comments on the EBT Training Course

"Cath organised lots of different types of horses for the students to work on during the training days. She was great at giving advice on how to work with different horses. Every experience has been positive, giving the opportunity for growth in knowledge and improvement in technique. I am really enjoying the course and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys working with horses”

- Xanthe Ashton (2013 EBT NZ student).

“I started the EBT course with Shirley about 3 years ago and found it thorough and comprehensive, not only in constructing treatments but also in reading and communicating with horses. Cath has continued with Shirley’s great work and brings to the course her vast experience in training horses, teaching us new ways to read and communicate with the horses while carrying out the treatments. The course just keeps getting better and better.”

- Karla Shaw (2012 EBT NZ student) May 2013.

"Thanks Cath for the time and effort you put into our workshops! This one was exceptionally interesting, enjoyed out guest speakers and have learnt A LOT! Cant wait to get my hands on some horse and rider cases! See you in April"

Tash McRoberts (2015 student NZ)  Jan 2016


"Last weekend at the EBT course with Cath I got to take my two boys for practice, this week they have both felt amazing to ride, so soft and relaxed through their bodies. Thanks to the other students, Tash, Olivia and Philippa" 

Rebecca Smithey  (2015 Student. NZ) Jan 2016


"Cath's knowledge and expertise in the Equine Bowen field is outstanding and the effort and support she provides her students with on this course is beyond imaginable. I have learnt so much and have been provided with many opportunities and gateways to now further my knowedge in specialised areas and realise that there is so much more to learn in all aspects of the Equine Division!"
Olivia Clark ( 2015 student NZ) July 2016